Ladies of Drag Racing: Diveana “Didi” Arends

Diveana "Didi" Arends

We have more ladies.. Diveana is a girly girl with a bubbly personality that drag races! So as you know here at RaceJunkies we like to empower women, we decided to do a photoshoot/interview with Diveana! Here it goes..

Name and Age?
– Diveana Arends – 21 years old
Diveana "Didi" Arends
What do you drive/race?
– I’m rocking the track with my Red S&W Dragster
Diveana "Didi" Arends

What got you into drag racing? (How did you get involved in drag racing?)
– Drag racing is a family sport.
In their crazy wild time, my dad and uncles (mother and father side) where racing their own volkswagen buggy for over 10 years. Roland Arends – Crazy Bug, Ricky Arends – Fast Company / Tide and Taly Maduro – 1/4 Mile. When I was born, my dad sold his buggy with the dream to someday race again. In 2002 his wish came true when he bought his Ford Altered T-23. When he started racing, I went to him and asked him why didn’t he buy me a Jr. dragster. The next year, one random day, he went on ebay and placed a bid on a Jr. dragster. Lucky for me, he won the bid. And October 2003 I became the youngest Female driver to compete on the track against Shaun Wouters in the category of Jr. dragster, winning most of the races for about 4 years. In 2004 I went to the O’Reilly Spring National in Texas and saw Erica Enders compete. And also making school projects and researching information about Erica Enders and Shirley Muldowney got me more interested in the sport. When I was 16 years old, my dad told me it’s time to back down and let my big little brother take over. I was 17 years old when I got my sexy, awesome, Puerto Rican, spanish talking, salsa dancer dragster. Becoming the youngest Female driver to give those handsome boys in box-class including my dad some headache on the track. But without a state-license I couldn’t compete. The next year I got my license and the first thing I did was change the chip and got my things together and went to the track to compete. Since then I’m racing almost all of the events.

What do you like most about drag racing?
-The time we spend as a family on the track. Family is the most important thing of all. The adrenaline rush, that’s the 1 minute your head goes blank and all you can think of is beating the guy or girl in the other lane. Through the sport you meet other people with the same interest and share ideas and make friendship. And also, the chances we get to race in other state e.g. Puerto Rico and Curacao
The chance to win the SSS and go race in the U.S

And the time you spend to help others begin their drag racing career
(The ugly truth, the hot guys) lol

What do you do in your spare time?
– In my spare time, I work out/go to the gym, spend time with my friends, do silly stuff all day long, shopping, and do some research on interesting topics.


Any other words?
– Drag racing is a sport where you can unite as one. Making friends with others and keeping contact with them makes the sport bigger. Together we can make the sport bigger and better. Like the 30th anniversary of Palomarga, bringing friends of other state here to compete makes the sport more challenging


What do you think about what is doing for the sport here in Aruba? is doing a great job by promoting the sport and keeping the fans updated with the results and awesome picture’s of each event.

Any last words Didi?
Who says Horsepower and Heels don’t mix?
Father thank you for the gathering of loved ones.. and most of all thank you for fast cars!♡

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