2015: Year in review…


2015 was an awesome year for RaceJunkies.com. Thank you everybody for contributing to that, you are awesome!

After having a nice end-of-the-year dinner and talking all things RaceJunkies. We are ready to shake things up in the Aruba’s Drag Racing media in the coming year. So keep tuned to RaceJunkies.com.

In 2016 we will be bringing a lot more to the table, with the quality & professionalism you can only expect from RaceJunkies.


We posted a total 35 articles on our website: https://racejunkies.com/tag/2015/

We covered all of the drag races here at Palomarga International Raceway. We posted a total of 6847 pictures: http://https://racejunkies.com/2015-2/

We uploaded a total of 19 videos to youtube: http://youtube.com/racejunkies


We posted 48 pictures to our instagram: http://instagram.com/racejunkies


We reached a total of 3980 fans on Facebook: http://facebook.com/racejunkies


We would like to thank each one of you for liking, viewing and sharing our content. We do this for the love of the sport with no sponsorship, your appreciation is all we need to keep us going. Thank you!



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