Mustang Soars to Provisional #1 Qualifier at North South Shootout

Budds Creek, Md. (June 3, 2017):  The Professional Drag Racers Association had a short break in between the Southern Extreme Nationals in South Carolina and the North South Shootout in Maryland. Team Aruba certainly hasn’t skipped a beat between the events, going to the pole at Maryland International Raceway after winning in Darlington. While there will still be one final qualifying session today, Trevor Eman’s 4.022 at 178.80, recorded in the cool of Friday evening, will be hard to top. 

Photo by Roger Richards

“We struggled a little bit earlier in the day,” Eman said. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make any test runs yesterday, so we felt a little behind compared to everyone else. You get data to work off of whether you make a good run or bad run, so we had data to look at from Q1 and made the changes we thought were necessary to get down the track. I must admit I didn’t expect it to run a 4.02, but hey, we’ll take it.”

The Mustang, also backed by Aruba Airport Authority, has the potential to cement the 4.02 run as a new Extreme Pro Stock elapsed time record. The team needs to run a 4.04 or better today to back up the run to become the National Record holders.

“If we get our last qualifying session in early enough before the heat settles in, (the back up run) may be possible. We’re definitely just concentrating on getting down the track every run. But if we happen to back up the record in qualifying, we’ll take that too,” Eman added. 

“We’re excited to continue building our performance from Darlington. We have partners from Aruba Airport Authority here with us this weekend, so it’s great that they are able to join in the excitement of going to the pole and possibly setting a new record. We’re are grateful they chose to be here with us this weekend, and are also, of course, very appreciative of their support and the wonderful ambassadors they are for our island home.” 

Qualifying concludes today with a run at 12pm. Eliminations will begin at 5pm. Everything will be streamed live at

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