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Two Day Bracket Results

RESULTS TWO DAY BRACKET IHRA SUMMIT SUPER SERIES 1/8 MILE RACE DAY-1 10/08/2018: JUNIOR DRAGSTER: 1. Sharyen Simon – Sharyen Racing 2. Jeannick Ras – Jr Madness MOD ET (NO BOX): 1. Jayson Geerman – Destroyer Mad Max & Easy Racing “Suzuki Hayabusa” 2. Richard

Eman tests new 2018 Haas Mustang

UNION, S.C. (August 10, 2018):  Trevor Eman and the team just took delivery of a new Jerry Haas-built 2018 Mustang. This will be the first major update for the team since they debuted their 2011 Mustang seven years ago. The new Mustang will be

Vacation Bash Weekend RESULTS (Jul-06,07,08)

RESULTS VACATION BASH    IHRA SSS 1/8 MILE RACE ROUND-2 06/07/2018 JUNIOR (JUNIOR DRAGSTER): 1. Jeannick Ras – JR Madness 2. Michael Wever – Piston Racing MOD ET (NO-BOX): 1. Michael Wever – Piston Racing “Kawasaki Ninja” 2. Raul Lopez Jr. – Xtreme Racing “Suzuki

Vacation Bash Weekend (Jul-06,07,08)

Friday – Jul 06, 2018: IHRA (Jr. Dragster-No Box-Box), 1/4 mile (No Box, Box, Sportsman Bike) Saturday – Jul 07, 2018: 1/4 mile (Jr. Dragster, FWD, Super Gas Outlaw, Super Comp Bike) Sunday – Jul 08, 2018: Streetlegal

Fathers Day Streetlegal RESULTS (Jun-16-2018)

FINAL FATHERS DAY STREET LEGAL 16/06/2018 JR-DRAGSTER: 1. Sharyen Simon – Sharyen Racing 2. Reggie Eduarda – Racing P-NuTz SCOOTER & QUAD: 1. Ransey Trimon – Family Connection “Scooter Gilera Runner” 2. Bryan Decuba – Assault Racing “Scooter Keeway” STREET LEGAL CAR: 1. Reugene Kock