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Dia di Betico Streetlegal

CANCELLED It’s official, the season has started. This event is valid for pointseries. Categories: Jr. Dragster, Scooter-Quad, Streetlegal Car, Streetlegal Bike, KOTS Car & KOTS Bike.

Streetlegal (11-11-2018) RESULTS

RESULTADO BACK TO STREET LEGAL ARUBA 11/11/2018 JUNIOR DRAGSTER: 1. Sharyen Simon – Sharyen Racing 2. Dylan Croes – Hot Roller Racing SCOOTER & QUAD RACER: 1. Jurion Rasmijn – Rage Tuning & MMT Sin Duda Crew “Scooter” 2. Maximilian Hernadez – MMT Sin Duda

Streetlegal (Sep-30-2018) RESULTS

RESULTS STREET LEGAL ARUBA 30/09/2018 JUNIOR DRAGSTER: 1. Jayden Kelly – Mr. Tharel “Torque Masters Racing Team” 2. Dylan Croes – Hot Roller Racing SCOOTER & QUAD RACER: 1. Ransey Trimon – Family Connection “Scooter Gillera Runner” 2. Jion Flanegin – Rage Tunning Rosa Garage

Streetlegal (Sep-15-2018) RESULTS

RESULTADO STREET LEGAL ARUBA 15/09/2018 JUNIOR DRAGSTER: 1. Dylan Croes – Hot Roller Racing 2. Jeannick Ras – Jr Madness SCOOTER & QUAD RACER: 1. Raymond Tromp – Assault Racing “Scooter Gilera Runner” 2. Shaquille Solognier – Xtreme Racing “Scooter Gilera Runner” STREET LEGAL CAR:

One Cool Summer Streelegal RESULTS

RESULTS ONE COOL SUMMER STREET LEGAL ARUBA 25/08/2018 JUNIOR DRAGSTER: 1. Jeannick Ras – JR Madness 2. Sharyen Simon – Sharyen Racing SCOOTER & QUAD RACER: 1. Shaquille Solognier – Extreme Racing “Scooter Gilera Runner” 2. Arjean Martinus – Ras Connec “Scooter Zip 180” STREET