ABM Streetlegal #1 (Coverage)

March 08, 2020 First streetlegal event of the year. A lot of cars and bikes. STREETLEGAL CAR 1st Jorrick Rosel “Super Sonic” 2nd Jarsino Bislip “Lady in Red” 3rd Reggie Curie “Family Connection” STREETLEGAL BIKE 1stJason Angela “Xtreme Racing” 2nd Micheal Wever “Piston Racing” 3rd

Jr.Dragster & Scooter Series #1 (Coverage)

RESULTS JR DRAGSTER SERIES Sharyen Simon “Torque Master” Edrick Kock “TLB & SSR Dylan Croes “Hot Roller” Aysheline Trimon ”Family Connections SCOOTER SERIES Raul Lopez “Twister Racing” Eugone Flanegin “Jairo’s Tunning” Richannrick Perez

2020 Tentative Schedule

Aruba Bond van Motorsports has just released their Tentative 2020 Schedule. This schedule seemed a little cluttered to us. Since Drag Racing is the most important to us here RaceJunkies.com we have decided to make our own custom schedule which includes only Drag Racing events.

Results & Coverage: Streetlegal (Dec-01-2019)

RESULTS ARUBAANSE BOND VAN MOTORSPORTS STREETLEGAL 01/12/2019 STREETLEGAL CAR:1. Reggerick Currie 2. Euwald Cecilia3. Jarsino Bislip STREETLEGAL BIKE:1. Yhoan Ruiz2. Jason Angela3. Francil Arcaya NEXT EVENT @ PALO MARGA:1/4 Mile Race Event December 8th 2019. Qualifying Starts @ 10:00am. 1st Elimination round @ 12:30pm