Results & Coverage: Streetlegal (Dec-01-2019)

RESULTS ARUBAANSE BOND VAN MOTORSPORTS STREETLEGAL 01/12/2019 STREETLEGAL CAR:1. Reggerick Currie 2. Euwald Cecilia3. Jarsino Bislip STREETLEGAL BIKE:1. Yhoan Ruiz2. Jason Angela3. Francil Arcaya NEXT EVENT @ PALO MARGA:1/4 Mile Race Event December 8th 2019. Qualifying Starts @ 10:00am. 1st Elimination round @ 12:30pm

Werkgroep Palomarga ta pidi cooperacion.

Manera ta conoci for di momento cu e memorandum of Understanding (MOU) a wordo firma cu Gobierno di Aruba e grupo encarga yama “Team Werk Groep” mester a bai traha riba un posibel plan pa yega nan un grupo cu lo bai encarga cu e

Team Aruba heads north looking for victory

EPPING, N.H. (June 27, 2019):  Team Aruba is leaving nice and sunny Aruba to head to the NHRA New England Nationals. Held in New Hampshire, this race is the northernmost event for Team Aruba and quite a haul from the One Happy Island. After making