Championship on the Line for Team Aruba

MARTIN, Mich. (August 12, 2016): With schedule changes to the International Hot Rod Association’s 2016 tour, this weekend’s Northern Nationals has become the final event of the season. Three rounds of qualifying and three rounds of eliminations are all that’s left to determine the 2016

RKS Back To School

FAC i su Komishon Organisadó despues di a organisá e último evenementu di Ronde Klip Shootout na mei último ta bai kontinuá ku e siguiente kareda pa puntuashon djasabra 6 di ougùstùs próksimo na Curaçao International Raceway. Tambe durante e anochi di djasabra awor, aki

Third Time’s the Charm for Team Aruba

GRAND BEND, Ont. (June 28, 2016):  The last three events have equated to three final rounds  for Team Aruba. While the team came heartwrenchingly close to its first ever IHRA Pro Stock win in its last two outings, it was the IHRA Canadian Nationals and

Team Aruba Goes to Back-to-Back Finals

UNION, S.C. (June 24, 2016): Back to back events generally make for a hectic few weeks under the best of circumstances. For Team Aruba, however, the week in between the IHRA President’s Cup Nationals and Canadian Nationals has turned into a major thrash. Highs and

2 Day Bracket – RESULTS

  RESULTS 2-DAY BRACKET ARUBA!!! FRIDAY 17 JUNE 2016: *JR-DRGASTER: 1. Rygienne Curie “Family Connection” 2. Ichelle Zievinger “Mente Sano Racing” *QUICK-16 SCOOTER: 1. Raul Lopez Jr. “Xtreme Racing” 2. Alen Brete *ATV 1. Jairo Perez “Assault Racing” 2. Wendel “Djaka” De Leuw *ATV V/S SCOOTER:

Streetlegal (June-11-2016) Results

RESULTS: Streetlegal June-11-2016 STREET-LEGAL CAR: 1st. Chris Halley “Honda-Tech” 2nd. Giorgy Wouters “Phantom Racing” STREET-LEGAL BIKE: 1st. Shanmar Lampe 2nd. Pierre Wever “Piston Racing” SCOOTER/ATV: 1st. Ransey Trimon “Family Connection” 2nd. Michael Kock “Xtreme Racing” JR-DRAGSTER: 1st. Reggie Edwarda 2nd. Rygiene Curie “Family Connection” KING

Curacao: Resultado di RKS Make It Happend

Djasabra último a kore e di 2 edishon di Ronde Klip Shootout 2016. Tabata un anochi kaminda hopi koredor a bolbe mehorá nan rekòrt personal. Despues ku na Curaçao International Drag Fest 2016 ku Arthur “Tuchi” Zimmerman ku su “Follow Me Too” a gana di