Team Aruba heads north looking for victory

EPPING, N.H. (June 27, 2019):  Team Aruba is leaving nice and sunny Aruba to head to the NHRA New England Nationals. Held in New Hampshire, this race is the northernmost event for Team Aruba and quite a haul from the One Happy Island. After making

Palomarga Update: MOU a wordo firma

Mei-03-2019: Awetardi ministernan sr. Otmar Oduber minister encarga cu Infrastructura y minister sr. Danqui Oduber cu ta minister encarga cu deporta a firma e Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) hunto cu e representantenan di cada deporte pa loke ta trata pista di Palomarga. Papiando akinan di

Palomarga Situation Update!

Updated: April-05-2019 Awe tardi nos di a wordo invita pa forma parti di un reunion caminda lo elabora y contribui pa e futuro di nos deporte esta drag-racing y nos pista Palomarga. E reunion a wordo jama pa Minister Otmar Oduber y Minister Dangui Oduber.

Palomarga Situation – Part2

After positive conversations with the Minister in charge, it is a brand new week. That did not start as we thought it would. Dia di Betico Streetlegal was scheduled and poster was released. But an emergency meeting was called, by TROP about the current situation.

Dia di Betico Streetlegal

CANCELLED It’s official, the season has started. This event is valid for pointseries. Categories: Jr. Dragster, Scooter-Quad, Streetlegal Car, Streetlegal Bike, KOTS Car & KOTS Bike.

UPDATED: Palomarga situation…

The year started with a sour taste, what was suppose to be a meeting to see what the new year holds. Turned out to be a mere announcement of uncertainty. TROP2 announced that they do not know what is precisely going on. Scroll down for

Balashi Finals 2018 RESULTS

RESULTS BALASHI FINALS ARUBA 2018 JUNIOR DRAGSTER: 1. Jayden Kelly – Mr.Tharrel 2. Reigene “Reggie” Eduarda – Racing P NuTz NO BOX: 1. Roderick Maduro 2. Kenny Holiger BOX: 1. Jean-Carlo Reyes – Reyes Brothers 2. Darrel Werleman – Don Flip Racing FRONT WHEEL DRIVE: