35Years of Palomarga Streetlegal RESULTS

RESULTADO 35 AƑA DI PALO MARGA STREET LEGAL 2018. Jr-Dragster: 1. Janilaine Bello – Bello’s Racing 2. Esmee Wever – Piston Racing Scooter/Quad: 1. Ransey trimon – Family Connection 2. Romen Maduro – MMT Sin Duda Crew Street Legal Auto: 1. Elton Marin – Castigala

35Years of Palomarga RESULTS

RESULTADO ARUBA INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY PARK PALO MARGA 35TH ANNIVERSARY RACE: RACE DAY-1, 27/04/2018 JR-DRAGSTER: 1. Michael Wever – Piston Racing (Aruba)🇦🇼 2. Esmee Wever – (Aruba)🇦🇼 SPORTSMAN BIKE: 1. Betto Croes – Xtreme Racing Suzuki 1000🇦🇼 2. Pierre Wever – Piston Racing Kawasaki Ninja🇦🇼 SUPER

Team Aruba Speaks for Autism

UNION, S.C. (April 19, 2018): April is Autism Awareness month. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Team Aruba has spoken on behalf of people with autism for years. Beyond their on-track performance, Team Aruba is often known for their friendly faces and welcoming pit

Streetlegal Finals Results & Coverage

RESULTS STREET LEGAL FINALS 2017 10/12/2017 JR-DRAGSTER: 1. Christine Fingal “Girl Power 2” Mad Max & Easy Racing 2. Jeannick Ras “Jr-Madness” SCOOTER & QUAD: 1. Bryan Decuba “Assault Racing” Scooter Keeway” 2. Xavier Hook Scooter STREET LEGAL CAR: 1. Jorrick Rosel “TLB & Super

Balashi Finals Day2 (Nov-25-2016) RESULTS & COVERAGE

Resultado TROP2 Balashi Finals 25/11/2017 Race Day-2 JR-DRAGSTER: 1. Reggie Eduarda Racing P-NuTz 2. Jorick Croes “Hot Roller Racing” 3. Ayshelyn Trimon “Family Connection” 4. Kiandra Kock “Bello’s Racing” IMPORT CLASS 11.99 or FASTER: 1. Reinaldo Kelly “El Dragon is Back” Toyota Starlet 2. Gerald