Team Aruba Flies to the Number One Spot

BENSON, N.C. (April 7, 2017):  Trevor Eman and the Extreme Pro Stock team from Aruba showed they mean business this season at the recent PDRA East Coast Nationals, the team’s first race of the season. The Aruba Airport Authority backed team qualified at the top

2017 Schedule

February: Saturday 11: Mata Bichi/Personal Challenge March Saturday 4: Tech Inspection/Test & Tune Saturday 11: Streetlegal Round 1 Saturday 25: Streetlegal Round 2 April Friday-Sunday | 7-9: Bracket Event/IHRA Saturday 22: Streetlegal Round 3 May Saturday 13: Streetlegal Round 4 June Friday-Saturday | 2-3: Bracket

2016 RECAP

Here we present to you a recap of our 2016 Season. Our most viewed and most liked photos, videos and more across all social media platforms. Follow us all around the internet. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:

Resultado Mad Max & Easy Racing

E season di drag aki na Aruba a jega su final weekend pasa durante e careda cu a carga e nomber di Balashi Finals. Mad Max & Easy Racing a baha mas ready cu nunca pa sera aña completo, y ta exactamente locual a pasa.

Garage Project: Kedy Koolman

This time on Garage Project. We interview Kedy Koolman of Don’t Panic Racing Team. To see all episodes of Garage Project click on this link: